New site coming soon!

Has been a little quiet on here site of late, but don’t let that fool you. Behind the scenes loads has been happening. New work for Radisson Hotels, Footlocker and British Safety Council. Plus we’re currently working on a new one for Oury Clark and The Seven Dials Spring Festival.

Not to mention our new site, which we’ll be launching very soon.

British Safety Council 2

Our second animation production for British Safety Council, again successfully teaming up with Its Like This. This piece, was to introduce potential clients to British Safety Council’s Audit and Consultancy packages.

Pitching that key balance – between the all important information and a fun, watchable piece.

You can view the new animation here - and our first production for BSC here.

ORDER Show Reel 2015

Here is our brand new reel, featuring our fantastic recent projects for Mercedes-Benz, Carnaby Street and a second for British Safety Council.

Alongside this we are currently looking a t are-design for the ORDER site so that should be coming soon in 2015 – view the new reel here.

Mercedes-Benz, China – Animation

Mercedes-Benz, China asked us to make them a video to introduce their new and improved training system for Mercedes dealerships. They wanted a video which put across how much expansion and improvement there has been in the last few years for Mercedes China, then explained key features of the new software – and all of this in a fun and friendly way.

We came up with the idea of an animation/video hybrid. Telling the main story through an animated tablet device, then using the hand-made paper elements to support the story and make it fun to watch. Take a look at it here.

Carnaby Street – Christmas 2014 teaser

We were asked to create a teaser for 2014’s Carnaby Street’s Christmas party. The brief was for the video to be fun, express the party atmosphere, and be in keeping with the Carnaby brand.

We came up with the idea of telling the story through these bold, hand drawn characters – which animate over existing footage. Because a lot of tweets and social media content are created by party goers, we used this aspect to create momentum throughout the piece -take a look here.

British Safety Council

New animation produced for the British Safety Council. This was built upon their existing and very distinct graphical style which is inspired by safety signage and the bold graphics they employ. You can view the animation here.

This was a co-production with and with the usual fantastic music and sound design from the guys at Sounds & SonsWe are currently in pre-production on a new one for the same client, so more to come soon.

BAE Systems 2040 aircraft animation

We completed work on a second series of 3D animated sequences for BAE Systems; working with agency Mischief and Useful Slug.

The new animations demonstrate future concepts of BAE Systems aircraft, that they are intending to develop by 2040. Working with Nick Colosimo, a futurist and engineering manager at BAES, we worked hard to make the craft feel as functional as possible, to showcase how the concepts could be employed in the real world.

You can view them on the ORDER Vimeo page. They were also featured in the Guardian and The Huffington Post.

Featured in ROOMs magazine.

Long time no post! But we’ve been very busy on lots of projects. To cap it all we’ve been featured in issue 14 of arts magazine ROOMS alongside fantastic studios such as Mummu, Seed and Blue Zoo. ROOMS commissioned photographer Justina Suminaite who captured our studio whilst we were in the midst of moving.

The text caption reads – “Based in east London, ORDER reaches far and wide for its digital concepts. It’s rainbow method has attracted the likes of the V&A, Unilever, Tesco, PwC and the BBC. ORDER’s animation is graphically refined, broad based and technically skilled”.

Oury Clark Informs 2

The second 2D animation created for Oury Clark – international Law firm. Produced through Bracket. This time its all about the simple matter of (well simple when you watch this) R&D Tax Credits.

The UK government scheme whereby innovators and businesses can reclaim what they spend on researching and developing new ideas, concept and products, its well worth hearing more about. You can view both the new one and our first on Vimeo here.

BBC Radio 3

Working with the great team at Karmarama, we created the motion for their fantastic BBC Radio 3 Dimensions campaign. These are simple ‘stings’ that pop up between programming on BBC TV. Pointing you in the direction of various radio broadcasts.

They wanted simple, yet elegant movement, so a lot of honing, improving by increment and making sure it felt controlled throughout. Watch it on our Vimeo here.