British Safety Council

New animation produced for the British Safety Council. This was built upon their existing and very distinct graphical style which is inspired by safety signage and the bold graphics they employ. You can view the animation here.

This was a co-production with and with the usual fantastic music and sound design from the guys at Sounds & SonsWe are currently in pre-production on a new one for the same client, so more to come soon.

BAE Systems 2040 aircraft animation

We completed work on a second series of 3D animated sequences for BAE Systems; working with agency Mischief and Useful Slug.

The new animations demonstrate future concepts of BAE Systems aircraft, that they are intending to develop by 2040. Working with Nick Colosimo, a futurist and engineering manager at BAES, we worked hard to make the craft feel as functional as possible, to showcase how the concepts could be employed in the real world.

You can view them on the ORDER Vimeo page. They were also featured in the Guardian and The Huffington Post.

Featured in ROOMs magazine.

Long time no post! But we’ve been very busy on lots of projects. To cap it all we’ve been featured in issue 14 of arts magazine ROOMS alongside fantastic studios such as Mummu, Seed and Blue Zoo. ROOMS commissioned photographer Justina Suminaite who captured our studio whilst we were in the midst of moving.

The text caption reads – “Based in east London, ORDER reaches far and wide for its digital concepts. It’s rainbow method has attracted the likes of the V&A, Unilever, Tesco, PwC and the BBC. ORDER’s animation is graphically refined, broad based and technically skilled”.

Oury Clark Informs 2

The second 2D animation created for Oury Clark – international Law firm. Produced through Bracket. This time its all about the simple matter of (well simple when you watch this) R&D Tax Credits.

The UK government scheme whereby innovators and businesses can reclaim what they spend on researching and developing new ideas, concept and products, its well worth hearing more about. You can view both the new one and our first on Vimeo here.

BBC Radio 3

Working with the great team at Karmarama, we created the motion for their fantastic BBC Radio 3 Dimensions campaign. These are simple ‘stings’ that pop up between programming on BBC TV. Pointing you in the direction of various radio broadcasts.

They wanted simple, yet elegant movement, so a lot of honing, improving by increment and making sure it felt controlled throughout. Watch it on our Vimeo here.

Caterpillar Phone

2D mo-graph promo for Cat Products B15 Phone.

Produced for the Canadian market in both US English and French Canadian, this promo was created for the relaunched Cat Phone site. Mainly tasked with showcasing the phones toughness, we elected to bring it to life interacting with the keywords featured throughout the campaign. Produced via Vivid Lime.

Brand new Showreel

Since we started in 2009 we’ve had a similar approach with our showreel, once you find something you like you tend to stick with it. But we’d been intending to overhaul it recently and have now finally got around to it. So now we have a new 3D ORDER title graphic, new music and whole heap of new projects included alongside some of the favourites.

So its a great mix of our 2D animation, live action and our new 3D work for BAE Systems too. Great to see all the new projects brought together and we’re very happy with the result.

Take a look on the reel page here.

White Cloud Promo

Our new promo for White Cloud toilet tissue based in Trinidad and Tobago. (a new one for us!) The promo will be used for their new multi-platform campaign throughout the Caribbean including cinema and digital advertising.

They wanted a somewhat tongue-in-cheek fairytale style and we tried very hard to stay away from the usual Disney staple you might otherwise turn to. It was a tough project in terms of the time-frame but we’re very happy with the final product.

Watch the promo here.

Future of Work Lab

2D animated promo for Future of Work Lab (FoWLab) a concept created by Hot Spots Movement they are a corporate research company based in Somerset House. The project is a mixture of mo-graph elements and a little character animation.

The client were very keen that we bring the science lab analogy back to a human level at various junctures. So we looked to create a sequence which could accommodate that. It was a lot of fun creating the science lab imagery as the various chemicals bubble and flow through the tubes and flasks. View on Vimeo here.


BAE Systems 3D animation

We produced these 3D visualisations of four 1960s concept vehicles from the British Aerospace archive, that never made it into production. Including a re-usable space plane that pre-dated the NASA Space Shuttle called MUSTARD. All very interesting and fun to work out how they might have functioned. Featured on ITV, The TimesThe Guardian, Huffington Post, The Telegraph and The Metro among many more. And they have received well over 100 thousand views on Youtube since Monday.

We had a less than 3 weeks to produce the project’s 1.20 mins of full 3D animation, relying on the sterling work of animator Vegard Myklebust and the assistance of the guys at Mischief.